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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Campus Caller

Daily Caller
February 19, 2013



Today's top stories:

1.) USDA/Mexican consulates: Don't worry, food stamps won't affect citizenship chances
2.) Democratic lawmaker apologizes for suggesting women afraid of rape can't be trusted with guns
3.) Charles Krauthammer calls out year's 'biggest non-story' [VIDEO]
4.) Spoiler may enter Virginia governor's race this year
5.) Immigration push prompts political posturing, say partisan rivals
6.) Press finally gets question to Obama after golf weekend
7.) Gutfeld: 'Rumors of the Republican Party's death have been greatly exaggerated' [VIDEO]
8.) Manufacturer threatens to leave Colorado if hi-cap magazine bill becomes law
9.) Conservative columnist resigns after Kentucky paper refuses to run op-ed on publication's liberal bias
10.) Sen. Mike Johanns to retire in 2014

From the
ISI's Collegiate Network and LI's Campus Reform:
11.) University teaches students to pursue porn careers
(Campus Reform)
12.) 100 Great Ideas for Higher Ed
(The College Fix)
13.) More Droning About the Constitution
(The College Conservative)
14.) “Desperate for Democracy” in the Middle East
(Boston College Observer)
15.) University of Chicago Hosting Oral Sex Seminar, Porn Screening
(The College Fix)

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