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Saturday, January 24, 2015

ScienceDaily: Computers and Internet News

ScienceDaily: Computers and Internet News

Massive chip design savings to be realized

Posted: 23 Jan 2015 05:17 AM PST

IT researchers have developed a programming language making the massive costs associated with designing hardware more manageable. Chip manufacturers have been using the same chip design techniques for twenty years now. The current process calls for extensive testing after each design step - a massively expensive state of affairs. The newly developed, so-called  functional  programming language makes it possible to prove, in advance, that a design transformation is a hundred percent error-free.

Improvements in transistors will make flexible plastic computers a reality

Posted: 23 Jan 2015 05:12 AM PST

Researchers revealed that improvements should soon be expected in the manufacture of transistors that can be used, for example, to make flexible, paper-thin computer screens.

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